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I can’t help it; I absolutely fall in love with every single family who trusts me to capture them. Here are some kind words from clients who have become friends and friends who have become clients.

“Our family of four are all a bit camera shy down to our youngest daughter who often breaks down in tears during photo sessions. Nina’s easy-going nature and warm personality easily drew us out. You can barely tell she’s behind a camera because she’s so engaging. The photo shoot was so fun and my girls still remember Nina. Best of all we have some amazing family pictures to adorn our walls.” – Winnie L.

“We have received countless compliments on our family photos that Nina has taken. She has a true gift for capturing emotion and her warm and sweet personality puts even the most timid child at ease.” – Cara S.

“As many parents would likely agree, it’s no small feat to have your small children cooperate long enough to be photographed. Nina is the antidote. From the moment she arrived I was amazed at how my children responded to her. She brought a sense of calm and openness to the process that allowed their time together to unfold very naturally. The results were beautiful and authentic moments that I am so grateful to have to look back on and truly treasure.” – Julie S.

“Nina is a generous and talented photographer. When my 10-year old wasn’t in the mood for photos, she was extraordinarily gracious (and even met us for a second session). Her patience paid off, as our photos are bright, colorful and reflect our family’s collective personality. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.” – Jennifer H.

“We are thrilled with Nina’s amazing work! She captured real, special, and spontaneous moments in our home which are sure to be treasured images in the years to come. She has such a warm presence, and immediately put our little one at ease. It felt natural and easy, like having a good friend in our home. She incorporated our dog so well. She gracefully maneuvered herself around our tiny apartment and even squeezed behind furniture in order to catch the best light and some spectacular angles. Thank you, Nina!” – Lisa B.

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